Improve your vocabulary and provide food to people in need


Poverty and hunger are issues faced by many societies in the world. They are the root of many conflicts in many communities. Bulgaria is no different and does not offer effective protection for poor people. Many shelters and homes for the elderly, orphans and people with disabilities need help because the daily ration of food is too little to establish and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. When people have a balanced diet, they are productive, energetic members of our communities and society. is a social project developed by the non-profit organization Nahrani Bulgaria. The project pursues the following two complementary objectives: 1. Enrichment of the vocabulary of everyone involved by a word quiz. 2. Collection of food donations for disadvantaged people in Bulgaria with each correct answer of the game. The food that you donate through playing the word game is provided by the website’s advertisers. For them, it is a simple ad – for the people in need, it is a hope to overcome their misery.

Project Lead: Nikolay Stanev
Location: Bulgaria
Weblink: Nahrani´s website
Project Year: Winning Projects 2010
Project Category: Fight Poverty, Hunger & Disease
Ranking: Winner