Voice of R

Voice of R (VOR) is an online forum created primarily for Pakistani youth in times where ethnic prejudice, misogyny, poverty, and corruption threaten the democratic foundations of society, according to VOR founder. 25.5% of males and 57.5% of females in Pakistan suffer from depression due, as the producer suggests, to prevailing fundamentalist thinking of all kinds. VOR is designed to challenge the acceptance of the status quo. The VOR platform engages Pakistanis to bring awareness to young people and to motivate them to take charge of their lives and develop activism for positive social change. A primary focus is the development of online discussions promoting freedom of expression and focusing on human rights. Citizens across the country can connect across the barriers of socio-economic class, religion, and ethnicity. Participants write thought-provoking articles on current issues, such as genocide, rape or honor-killings. VOR also takes pride in showcasing Pakistani talent, interviewing artists as an important strategy in confidence-building. Other activities include the organization of social events and a venture into print publishing and news making.

Project Lead: Mr. Rohayl Varind
Location: Pakistan
Weblink: VOICE OF R website
Project Year: Winning Projects 2014
Category: Startups
Project Category: Pursue Truth!
Ranking: Winner