Dnevnik.ru is the first social, educational network in the Russian Federation that aims to create a single network for all participants in the educational process, whether school administrators, teachers, students or their parents. Dnevnik.ru makes school life more convenient by creating a tool for efficient and convenient electronic document management, allowing participants of the program to quickly and simultaneously exchange information with each other, as well as be informed of current developments in participating schools. Dnevnik.ru provides real-time information about students’ class schedules, grades, and homework assignments, also offering a library and a media library. The program allows schools to create homepages, gives each participant a page and has a thriving -and protected- community. Additionally, Dnevnik.ru houses a large learning resource center, provides an electronic information exchange system, electronic messaging and distance teaching capability, educational audio and video materials and facilities for creating personal profiles, subject blogs and groups for schools and online learning communities. Since its launch, a large number of St. Petersburg schools and hundreds of thousands of students use the instrument daily.

Jury Evaluation:

A product is as good as its popularity. With over 700,000 students using it, Dnevnik.ru has proven to be a great product by integrating the tools and needs to generate a portal beyond any school expectations.

From the school web page to the student one, this flexible tool uses the advantages of web technologies to integrate a one-stop school for anyone interested in making the web the next step for their schools.

The interface and the way that the different tools and information are organized in the portal makes the navigation and the usage impressively user-friendly; an enormous task for the developers who wanted to integrate an administrative tool for content, schools, teachers, and parents into a social school network.

More than an administrative tool for schools and homework, Dnevnik.ru makes possible to take the school out of the walls by presenting a unique virtual place for students, parents, and teachers where they all can coexist in a secure platform free from outsiders.

Country: Russian Federation
Producer: Dnevnik.ru, Mr. Gabriel Levi
Product URL: www.dnevnik.ru