Winning Projects 2014



Broken souvenirs

Broken souvenirs is a symbolic archive of portraits showing the long-lasting aftermath survivors and war victim’s families and friends experience when “its all over”.the simple idea of the multimedia project depends on a series of portraits style to reflect the missing part of the photo in whatever way the family of the victim chooses to give for the lost loved ones in the portrait, in addition to a video interview and audio recording for the testimonies made. One of the main goals of Broken souvenirs is to get more detailed,personal and symbolic series of portraits and interviews documenting…


Voice of R (VOR) is an online forum created primarily for Pakistani youth in times where ethnic prejudice, misogyny, poverty and corruption threaten the democratic foundations of society, according to VOR founder. 25.5% of males and 57.5% of females in Pakistan suffer from depression due, as the producer suggests, to prevailing fundamentalist thinking of all kinds. VOR is designed to challenge acceptance of the status quo. The VOR platform engages Pakistanis to bring awareness to young people and to motivate them to take charge of their lives and develop activism for positive social change.

The Slum Challenge

The Slum Challenge (TSC) is a documentary project about life in slum areas, home to more than one billion people worldwide. In the megacity of Manila, a third of all people live in densely populated slums. The core of TSC is an interactive plot filmed in point of view through the eyes of a Filipino boy in the Ulingang slum. The storyline unfolds in fifty-four unique interconnected sequences. Using gamification, the viewer decides what will happen next by selecting from the options placed at the end of each sequence. Along the way, pop-up icons appear, giving the viewer more insight into the…

Green is the New Gangsta

The Green is the New Gangsta project, an initiative of Free People International, fuses online and offline action in an effort to spread awareness about important environmental issues, promote a more eco-conscious, ethical lifestyle, and inspire collective, creative action. It consists of five platforms, seamlessly working together to be a driving force behind environmental change: a community based arts programming and education project, a green consulting initiative, a crowdfunding platform, an e(co)-commerce platform and a fully integrated social marketing campaign. The arts platform…

Indonesia Gardening

Indonesia Berkebun is a non-profit volunteer urban farming movement working through social media, including twitter, facebook, youtube and the website Indonesia Berkebun’s activists, composed of socially diverse enthusiasts from 32 cities in Indonesia and eight campuses, all share the vision of building environmental awareness through urban farming. Gardening can be a tool for learning, community building and recreation, especially for children, while also providing public green spaces in the city. The program turns vacant urban land into productive plots with economic…


rideIT targets 4.5 million working professionals in India who travel to work and back home on a daily basis. The urban social initiative aims to reduce noise and air pollution, as well as fossil-fuel consumption, by reducing the number of cars on the road. The lack of good public transport coupled with fast-growing populations in Indian cities has increased dependency on personal vehicles and auto-rickshaws, creating huge inefficiency in the transport system. rideIT is an inter-company carpool matching service facilitating ride-sharing in four kinds of vehicles: car, motorbike, auto-rickshaw…


Online Model United Nations or simply O-MUN is a non-profit organization run by young people from all over the world. O-MUN has become the online branch of THIMUN, The Hague International Model United Nations, one of the most prestigious MUN conferences. In a world where freedom of speech and expression are still being curbed in so many countries, O-MUN serves as an outlet for young people to express their views about international issues and discuss possible solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, all in an online environment. Most work in O-MUN is done by youth. The executive…


CityBugs is a social platform targeting young people aged 18-30 developed to raise awareness of and find solutions for critical issues in the local community. Using the slogan “Let’s make our city a better place to live” and a participatory approach, every citizen is invited to take responsibility for change by reporting the “bug” in their community and tracking solutions to reported problems. The “bugs” are filtered according to their thematic affiliation and reported to the Mayor’s office for solutions. A two-way communication design allows users to contact local authorities and to…


With an unemployment rate of 9.7% (WBO, 2013) and a GINI coefficient of 0.587 (CIA, 2014), Colombia is an excellent place to start Minkay, a favour-swapping platform targeting underserved communities, starting with low-income communities and expanding after the public launch to college students and young professionals. The pilot program uses an online forum and SMS text messaging for community members to exchange services with the alternative currency “time.” Redefining wealth and social welfare – Minkay emphasizes that everyone has something to offer and that an empowered community can…


You decide –I decide– an initiative of the Guatemalan youth organization Paz Joven, works to reduce teenage pregnancies among Mayan young people by utilizing strategies such as investigative participation and IT to educate and inform. Many Mayan communities live in poverty without access to schooling or computers. However, most Mayan young people do have a cellphone, so Yo Decido focusses on teaching Mayan youth to produce videos using their own footage. Video presentations are shared in local movie theatres and schools, showing what youth think about the psychosocial problems that contribute…


ChatSalud is an opt-in SMS system connecting Nicaraguan youth to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and local health services via mobile phones. Studies show one in four adolescent girls will become pregnant before the age of nineteen, while the prognosis rises to one in three in rural areas. Many adolescents avoid conventional health centres due to a perceived lack of confidentiality. Using a number of research methods to ensure a participatory design process, ChatSalud developed content which is more interactive, dynamic and attractive to a youth audience. With nearly 90% of…


Ladybug is an Iranian start-up for a new generation of women enthusiastic about and active in different technological fields. Partnering with well-known websites and blogs, the project encourages women to enter the IT world. Ladybug has a young team of managers all under thirty living in Iran. In only 12 months, like-minded partners came together and invested in video-making, promotional photos and the overall design, leading Ladybug to successfully catch the attention of the public. Being online and enjoying exceptional publicity, Ladybug aims to reach a wide female audience and to become…

The percentage of Africa’s illiterate youth stands at 29%. Not only is in-class learning deficient, leading to early school abandonment, but reaching learners outside the classroom is difficult due to technological and resource constraints. Teachers who give daily homework frequently spend 10-20 hours a week on the preparation, distribution and marking process. Classes are often crowded, with 40-120 learners per teacher. In addition, school fees can consume more than 25% of a poor family’s income. Taking into account these factors, addresses teachers and learners outside the…

Zaya ClassCloud

ClassCloud is a portable battery operated WiFi device that teachers can carry into the classroom and use to diagnose the learning levels of every child in Math and English. ClassCloud lets the teacher prescribe high quality digital content for students in underserved areas regardless of internet connectivity. The ClassCloud creates a “local cloud” in the school through which any WiFi enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones can access the content on the device. It collects a wealth of data on student performance to help teachers focus their efforts and closely…


SmileUrbo is an interactive, role-playing game that encourages players to deliberate issues and to cooperate in order to facilitate development in their community. The setting is a small village surrounded by mountains and nestled beside a lake in a developing country facing tough times. The unemployment rate soars while young people emigrate in search of a better future. The objective is to save their village, using an online interface throughout a game that tracks the well-being of the village and each individual. As a member of the village board, each player learns how to find a balance…

Project Annuit Walk – PAW

Mobility is a difficult issue to visually impaired people. Blind people feel uncomfortable walking only with canes, running the risk of accidentally hitting someone or even get hurt by obstacles. Some obstacles are more likely to cause accidents involving blind, when these cannot be identified by the cane. Project AnnuitWalk provides a solution to help them walk in their cities more safely with the help of smart glasses for the visually impaired with a focus on obstacle detection. Ultrasonic sensors identify possible obstacles that come in front of the blind user, who is then notified by…


ỌMỌMI – meaning “my child” in the Yoruba language – is an Android-based mobile application designed with the child’s health needs in mind, making access to health care and medical expertise easier for parents. The apps’ unique features enable parents to monitor their children’s health at the touch of a button. The app has a vaccination reminder, a child growth monitor and a GPS locator to find the nearest hospital in case of emergencies. ỌMỌMI also has vital information on breastfeeding, family planning, food supplementation and dietary options for babies, as well as the home management of…

RFIShoe (RFID-assisted shoe mouse for impaired people)

RFIShoe is a virtual mouse application for disabled people using a pair of RFID and bluetooth-based Intelligent Shoes. The app targets people with upper limb disability, who cannot use a regular mouse. Each shoe, deriving from an intelligent footwear system designed by the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, contains eight sensors for detecting pressure from different positions of the feet. Thanks to RFID technology, RFIShoe can be easily customized to suit each user, making it possible to control a mouse cursor with small feet gestures, for instance, by…


Wiki Naija

Wiki Naija is an online open source web platform which provides a vast range of resources and opinion material about Nigeria. Wiki Naija allows users to write and publish his/her own articles online for others to enjoy or criticize. It is a platform that gives people the privilege to air views about a specific topic of interest, which might be cultural, political, social, economic or even religious. The articles that are published here are 100% contributory.

Finding Care

Finding Care is a website telling a visual story about the effects of immigration, poverty and lack of healthcare access on young people. The story is about Mariscal, a 24-year-old guy and his daily problem as undocumented immigrant to access basic state services that any other person with legal documentation would be able to access. Aim is to create more awareness of how young immigrants are challenged by the healthcare system in the United States.


Gopublic is an awareness campaign and digital platform in Indonesia to reduce private transportation usage and convince people to change the primary transportation to public transportation. The mission is to reduce the global warming side effects caused by high fuel consumption leading to environmental and health problems. The platform includes apps, maps and general info on transportation.)

Sikremut Commuter Train

Sikremut Commuter Train is an application that provides information service about commuter trains and its trip completely. The main goal is to provide information seamlessly for commuter train users or anyone, who wants to use a commuter train.

National Student Network

National Student Network is an online platform that empowers youth across Canada to become responsible and driven leaders of positive social change. The project combines a database of youth-relevant opportunities, a diversified network of qualified mentors that engage students through online consultation, collaboration or mentorship and a platform where students can share their ideas and insights.


BogotArt combines website and urban actions to promote a more democratic art world by engaging at-risk young adults in cultural endeavors. The project reintegrates youth from vulnerable groups by providing them with a professional art education, connecting them to employment opportunities in creative industries, and offering a means of self-expression that detaches them from their difficult environments.

The Voice of Women Initiative

The Voice of Women Initiative (VOW Initiative) is a women-led initiative to give an engaged open space to young women and girls to voice their issues. In less than two years, VOW has grown to attract contributors and committed 35 correspondents from all around the world. The website includes already articles, videos, art, and the team is currently developing different forms of campaigns and advocacy tools that women can use in their different communities, organizations, schools and clubs.


PowerMama is a comprehensive online portal in which contributors and activists of all ages and genders can influence change in socioeconomic development. Offering content such as news articles from local publications, laws and legal documents, Researches, governmental decrees in the format of photos, audio and video, PowerMama provides a vast range of information material. The primary mission of PowerMama project is to inform and facilitate discussion on women issues and their rights, and empower women through training and creating awareness on how ICT can help promote gender equality…

Mladiinfo International

The ‘Mladiinfo web-portal– your link to free education,’ is an international youth platform where young individuals can advance their knowledge and thereby, develop both professionally and personally. Through the free educational and career opportunities offered on the platform, youth can gain invaluable skills to become transformative agents in their communities. Constructing continually a rich world of opportunities that can be considered, approached and used for (self)development and capacity building, the Mladiinfo web-portal has grown into a recognized initiative from the youth reaching…


Kezakoo is a crowd-learning social platform that enables Moroccan students to access a large variety of online video courses for every level of study. Kezakoo already offers more than 700 videos and receives more than 70 000 views per month. Videos are either created by Kezakoo’s core team or its social contributors. Those contributors are challenged by a jury of experts who verify the good format and the validity of the content of each video. This way Kezakoo does both, offer quality e-content while encouraging creativity and engaging its audience.


Totohealth utilizes emerging market technologies (SMS and Voice) to predict developmental disabilities in children under 5 years. The SMS service provides timely and targeted key antenatal and postnatal healthcare information in local languages to ensure reaching majority of Kenyan mothers. The platform is currently improving lives of over 44,000 households in Kenya, working together with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, through the country government, as well as hospitals and maternal and child health organizations.

ICT For Agriculture

ICT For Agriculture is an integrated product of SMS, Web and Mobile Application to serve the rural farmer’s cooperative and traders at pre-harvesting and post-harvesting phase. The overall objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of smallholder farmers and the agribusiness sector in selected commodity value chains. The farmer can yield good products and later get fair market prices to increase living standards and meet the UN MDG to reduce poverty and hunger in a struggling country like Nepal.

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