Women Under 30

To attain the MDGs, young women must play a critical role at all levels of decision making. It cannot occur if young women still live in fear and can not freely express their concern. As a result, W30 encourages the use of ICT as a useful tool to connect women’s voices, to organize themselves and pressure for that transformation from grassroots.

Women Under 30 (W30) is an online young woman-led initiative. This program encourages young African women to benefit from peer-to-peer mentorship and seeks to bring together women from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to work together with the aim of promoting the advancement of women’s rights.

The use of ICT as a communication tool to build a solid network of women visionaries, active in advocating for the MDGs in Africa has been the focal strength of this program. W30 believes that if participants can express themselves without fear of intimidation or oppression by cultural norms and dictate, women lives would be impacted positively, and the bar of female achievements would rise noticeably and evidently, this would support African-states in meeting up with MDGs.

The programs outcome by 2015;

  1. Young African women under 30 should be able to inspire/mentor their peer
  2. An increasing number of young women in the youth parliament or local government in Africa .
  3. A significant increment on the numbers of young women using the ICT for empowerment and development.
  4. A noticeable change of attitude towards young women regarding leadership management.