Zaya ClassCloud

ClassCloud is a portable battery operated WiFi device that teachers can carry into the classroom and use to diagnose the learning levels of every child in Math and English. ClassCloud lets the teacher prescribe high-quality digital content for students in underserved areas regardless of internet connectivity. The ClassCloud creates a “local cloud” in the school through which any WiFi enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones can access the content on the device. It collects a wealth of data on student performance to help teachers focus their efforts and closely measure outcomes. The platform divides students into four groups, generating activities for teachers to engage with students. The lesson plans are scripted by expert teachers who curate digital content and update it to the ClassCloud. Each group of students moves across four modes of learning, including learning with technology; learning in small groups with teachers; peer learning; and individual homework. The rotation model frees up the teacher’s time to focus on smaller groups with the right set of activities. ClassCloud offers a tool to overcome the crisis of students lagging behind their grade levels and dropping out, by allowing even semi-professional teachers to be effective in the education field and to deliver world-class learning to every child.

Project Lead: Mr. Rahul Dsouza
Location: India
Weblink: Zaya website
Coproducer: Mr. Neil Dsouza, Mr. Priyamvada Tiwari, Mr. Cliffton Fernandes, Mr. Shivi Mishra, Mr. Gopal Ojha, Ms. Priyamvada Tiwari, Ms. Deepa Manichan and Mr. Nikhil Bangera
Project Year: Winning Projects 2014
Category: Non-profit Startup
Project Category: Education for All!
Ranking: Winner