The anti-crime, anti-corruption initiative

Zabatak is a non-profit initiative led by a group of young people that aim to fight corruption and to make Egypt safe and free from bribery and corruption. Politically unaffiliated and having no specific political orientation, Zabatak was established to gather information about criminal, corrupt or semi-legal activities that could be useful to the ordinary citizen. It has already become a reliable center of news. Zabatak also carries the potential for further development.

Project Lead: Abbas Ibrahim
Location: Egypt
Weblink: Zabatak the anti-crime, anti-corruption initiativeĀ“s website currently offline
Coproducer: Nagla Metwally, Ali El-Hefnawy, Mostafa Raafat, Amr Sobhy
Project Year: Winning Projects 2011
Category: Non-profit Startup
Project Category: Pursue Truth!
Ranking: Winner