Youth Ki Awaaz

Mouthpiece for the Youth

YouthKiAwaaz, meaning Voice of the Youth, is an award-winning blog that serves as a platform for young people across India to express their views on issues such as environment, politics, women’s empowerment, drug abuse, child abuse, and youth leadership. Presently, (YKA) hosts over 1000 articles by 400 writers, is read by 1000+ visitors every day, and has launched a video blog for young people to submit videos on issues as well as their activism towards those issues. The main objective of is to provide an issue-based platform that young people in India can relate to, access more easily than traditional mass media forums, and express themselves constructively and without hesitation. Today, YKA has not only an editorial board but over 400 volunteer writers across India. Such has been the drive that YKA was covered & recognized by Dutch youth magazine “Ode” that called YKA, “A Voice for Indian Youth.”

Project Lead: Anshul Tewari
Location: India
Weblink: Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth
Project Year: Winning Projects 2010
Category: Startups
Project Category: Education for All!
Ranking: Winner