Harassmap is a social initiative implementing an SMS system for reporting incidences of sexual harassment in Egypt. This tool gives women a way to anonymously report incidences of sexual harassment as soon as they happen, using a simple text message from their mobile phone. As Egypt’s 55 million mobile phone subscribers grow in number by an average of 10% each year, Harassmap’s use of new mobile technology and innovative marketing is changing social outreach in Egypt, while invoking an older tradition of public safety for women. By mapping SMS reports on a public website displaying location and details provided by the victim, the Advocacy Online Map creates powerful documentation of the extent of the problem. The Assistance Information and Referral System – HM provides victims with a list of services; Police Response – HM will pinpoint hotspots to increase police presence in high harassment areas. Further projects include community outreach activities, social media awareness and blogging campaigns against sexual harassment. The entire Harassmap system acts as an advocacy, prevention, and response tool, highlighting the severity and pervasiveness of the problem, as well as offering proactive responses.

Project Lead: Engy Ghozlan
Location: Egypt
Weblink: Harassmap
Coproducer: Rebecca Chiao, Engy Ghozlan, Sawsan Gad, Amel Fahmy
Project Year: Winning Projects 2011
Project Category: Power 2 Women!
Ranking: Winner