In India the belief that women provoke violence and sexual assault by dressing immodestly or in a provocative fashion is widespread. GotStared.At challenges this belief by inviting women everywhere to post a picture of what they were wearing when they got stared at lewdly or got harassed. GotStared.At is out to prove that the intentions of the onlooker make the difference, not the clothes worn by a woman or the fact that she might be alone. Team-led, the GotStared.At facebook page addresses gender-related issues pertinent to Indian society today, a conceptual laboratory to design and post bold posters which are simple, easily understood, and to which women of diverse backgrounds and ages can relate. The posters also include an element of humor as a motivation for people to share these posters further and to create as much conversation as possible around taboo topics such as sexual harassment, prostitution, or homosexuality. The main website – – features a Tumblr interface that is run by users: women everywhere are invited to come to the website. The idea of GotStared.At, to create as much conversation as possible around these often-ignored issues is slowly and steadily growing viral!

Project Lead: Dhruv Arora
Location: India
Weblink: GotStared.At
Coproducer: Saransh Dua
Project Year: Winning Projects 2012
Category: Startups ( Non-profit )
Project Category: Power 2 Women!
Ranking: Winner