Girls Only Radio Station

Girls Only Radio Station is an online radio station started in 2008 to fill the gap in the media talk about women and their particular problems and feelings. Launched with a personal loan taken out by the founder, the first eight female presenters aimed their programming at well educated young women, offering guidance in life through social programs, an electronic magazine including topics such as self-defense and rehabilitation after sexual abuse, as well as political awareness for women in many fields. Girls Only Radio Station challenged the prevailing deeply entrenched cultural ideology discriminating against women and soon attracted national and international media attention. Girls Only Radio Station is financed by a publishing initiative targeting youth and emphasizing open talk about life in Egypt. Sales from over 40 books in Arabic and English have allowed Girls Only Radio Station to grow to 25 presenters and 5 million subscribers.

Project Lead: Amani Eltunsi
Location: Egypt
Weblink: Girls Only Radio Station`s website currently offline
Project Year: Winning Projects 2011
Category: Startups
Project Category: Power 2 Women!
Ranking: Winner