e-Health and Environment Winners


Country: Mexico
Miroculus is easy to use, non-invasive and affordable microRNA detection platform that can accurately diagnose and monitor diseases at a molecular level through the examination of microRNAs. Product Url:


Country: Bangladesh
In the absence of a formal Emergency Medical System in developing countries, the majority of accident victims with potentially survivable injuries die before they reach a hospital. Criticalink uses an innovative dispatch system and location-based mobile technology to save these lives by providing roadside accident victims with emergency medical care through a network of volunteer First Responders.

ARANZ Medical

Country: New Zealand
Silhouette gives a voice to patients suffering chronic wounds by bringing to light the true status of their wound healing progress. Silhouette is a world-first web-based 3D measurement, imaging and centralized documentation system that provides precise measurement and healing trends, empowering clinicians to collaborate effectively, and make better-informed decisions and more timely interventions.

Bee Smart Technologies

Country: Bulgaria
An integrated hardware and software system that measures and analyzes the health and productivity of honeybees. The system creates a real-time medical record of each bee colony and gives beekeepers unprecedented knowledge and remote monitoring abilities about their beehives.
The system also aggregates data from multiple locations and smart hives to construct micro-geographies profiles.


Country: Brazil
CleverCare is a computational framework that enables continuous patient care and close monitoring by medical staff in an out-of-hospital environment. It uses techniques from information retrieval, natural language processing, and machine learning to analyze patient’s questions and answers, to predict complications and to alert healthcare providers as needed.

Uepaa(!) Swiss Alpine Technology

Country: Switzerland
The future alpine safety standard – going far beyond the boundaries of today’s’ net operators. “Uepaa!” is a multi-award winning startup that is pioneering the next level of outdoor safety? Launched in summer 2013, the “Uepaa!” app is developed with Swiss passion and in close collaboration with REGA, Swisscom, Mammut, and Bergportal. The Uepaa! app turns the smartphone of more than 25 million outdoor users into an alpine tracking, alerting and rescue device by using a disruptive wireless phone to phone (mesh-) communication technology developed by ETH Zürich.


Country: Portugal
True-Kare it’s a SERVICE to simplify the life of people above 65. It enables one person or institution to provide remote care to another person. The service is based on the communication between two central interfaces: a web self-care portal for the carer and a special mobile phone to the elder person. The service makes the link between the carer and caree to provide several forms of support: -daily activities -medication -health indicators control (Blood Pressure, Glucose, temperature and weight) -GPS location and geofencing -emergency -simplify phone usage The mass market version of the service is to be used by relatives or small institutions to provide informal care to their elder parents. In Portugal, the service is being promoted by the main telecom operator and the main TV channel. The version to the telecare industry that follows all the quality standards, procedures and security. The service is integrated into several telecare platforms, namely the biggest in EU and in France.

Mobile Technology for Community Health in Ghana

Country: Ghana
MoTeCH is part of service delivery for maternal health at Antenatal Care. It has two complementary applications: A Mobile-Midwife Application and a Nurse Application. Mobile-Midwife targets pregnant clients with educational and actionable messages tailored to their stages in pregnancy. Couples can both access MoTeCH messages via SMS (text) or voice in the local dialect or English. Clients decide the time of day and frequency at which messages are delivered. With Mobile-Midwife there are no missed events; When a client misses a call, she only gives the system a missed call or “flash” to request her messages The Nurse Application is aligned to simplified paper registers to collect clinical information. The midwife enters patient encounters on a simple mobile phone and electronically records care given to clients. This enables easy identification of both mothers and infants and saves time collating information to generate monthly reports, alerts, and reminders for clients that need care.

Beatona Website- Kuwait Official Electronic

Country: Kuwait
www.Beatona.net “Our Environment” is the Kuwait Official Environmental Portal, a “One-Stop Shop” for sharing authentic environmental information related to Kuwait. This web portal is designed using top of the line technology to present scientifically valid information in a simple and meaningful form for the people of Kuwait and the larger world in both Arabic and English languages. Beatona uniquely addresses the different levels of people ranging in different age groups by enriching their knowledge about the environment and allows them to be part of the system by allowing them to contribute in improving the knowledgebase through various online interactive tools over the internet.

I-MOVE to Learn

Country: China
This is a training game designed by a physiotherapist. It has 5 mini-games in the platform. The purpose is helping children with motor delay and coordination problem aged 4 to 12, and motivating them to do training by using interactive and colorful games. It uses Kinect for Windows sensor to detect body movement. Players have to use their body as a controller to challenge each level. This game training platform is an aid for physiotherapists’ training, and it can also be used at school by teachers, and parents. Then, they can have fun while they are doing training. i-Move to Learn has won an award in the Hong Kong ICT Awards – Best Digital Inclusion category.


Inspired by the Green Movement in Latin America and involving regional actors committed to the environment, VERDEate.com enables individuals and organizations to adopt progressive environmentally friendly new habits in consumption routines through “Green Challenges.” These challenges motivate action in a significantly different way by using the current web and social media technologies. With Green Challenges, users understand the relation between their habits and climate change, gain control over their own CO²emissions and are able to address the climate issue from the perspective of root causes. Here is an example of a Green Challenge that any user, whether individual or organization, can take: “Don´t eat meat in the following 2 weeks”. This action produces a reduction of 5.95 Kg of CO². You can get all of the Green Challenges in Spanish here: http://www.verdeate.com/verdeate/retos Through thoughtful content and the creative use of social networking, VERDEate.com creates awareness by promoting specific actions which radically change daily habits, to reduce CO²emissions.


Collapsus signals a new experience in transmedia storytelling that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary. This pioneering approach blends real documentary footage with mini-games and movie fragments, inviting you to choose your own perspective as the story unfolds. Collapsus looks into the near future and shows how the imminent energy transition affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy. What will their world look like after the turbulent transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources? Interact and make decisions to avoid further blackouts; get a broader perspective by listening to the experts; or observe the consequences for everyday people through the fictional story. Collapsus challenges you to cope with failing energy supplies. In your quest to find solutions to the energy crisis, you are required to make decisions, as a player, that leaves a mark nationally and globally.

EPI Life

EPI Life is the world’s first mobile phone with integrated ECG (electrocardiogram) and health monitoring functions. It allows users to record their ECG simply by touching the sides of the phone with their fingers, eliminating the need for complicated electrodes or messy gels. EPI Life also allows the user to input key health parameters such as Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol, and to transmit these data to their online Personal Health Folder, which can be accessed by the user via the internet. ECGs are sent to EPI’s 24-hour Health Concierge from the device via GPRS, where qualified doctors and cardiac technicians compare the ECG against the user’s baseline ECG and respond via SMS based on the results of the comparison. EPI Life, coupled with the 24-hour Health Concierge and online Personal Health Folder, offers remote health monitoring, allowing the end-user to have timely feedback on their heart condition anytime, anywhere. The ability to detect heart rhythm abnormalities at the point of symptom/discomfort means that ‘warning signs’ that may result in a fatal cardiac event will never be left unnoticed. Timely feedback on the ECGs sent also means that users are able to make informed decisions on their next course of action, be it visiting the hospital emergency department or the nearest 24-hour clinic. The highly scalable technology allows medical coverage to be extended into remote areas which have little or no access to medical services, making it perfect for rural health programs. EPI Life has won countless national and international awards.

Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Museum

Beijing Digital Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a virtual museum of popular science in Chinese and in English aiming to spread the culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to scientific knowledge. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is said to be actively practiced in one hundred and sixty-two countries and is increasingly attracting the attention of international medical researchers. As natural methods and low carbon lifestyles become the hallmark of the 21st century, TCM, a veritable miracle of medical achievement, is becoming more and more attractive to discerning people worldwide. In China, no museum about Traditional Chinese Medicine exists, and the few affiliated to educational and research departments are inadequate. For this reason, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine International Exchange and Cooperating Center (BTCMIECC) supported by the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has built the Beijing Digital Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine after 5 years of cooperation with Beijing University of Chinese Modern Medicine + Advanced TCM Education, and other well-known universities and research institutes. Among the topics included on the website are medical care, acupuncture, health and life, Qigong, Tuina, imperial court medicine, culture and history, cosmetic treatment, education, science and technology, and international cooperation.


SPARX is a computerized self-help programme to help young people combat depression. It was developed by a team of cognitive behavioral therapists, researchers, game developers, e-learning theorists and young people. SPARX takes the form of an animated 3D game where users learn real-life skills by solving challenges to rid a fantasy world from gloom and negativity. Culturally relevant elements have been incorporated into the game world to ensure the programme has wide cultural acceptability. SPARX is unique because of the gaming technology it uses to engage users and because over 180 young people have been involved in a trial to test its effectiveness. Feedback from the testers called SPARX effective, engaging and helpful. As one in four youngsters experience an episode of clinical depression by the age of 18, and three-quarters of them never receive help, this programme has the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of many young people in New Zealand and internationally.