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Meniga Personal Finance Solution (PFM) and MarketMatch Solution are helping over 25m people all over the world get complete control and overview of their finances with their financial advisor and get more value for their money on things they want and need. The solutions were born out of the 2008 financial crisis in Iceland, and next, we brought them to the rest of the world.
Country: Iceland
Website: https://www.meniga.com/

DARVIN live video collaboration

Start a mobile live video, voice and data communication at any location on earth to transmit important and urgent information encrypted and in real time. No matter where you are in the world – you get a highly encrypted real-time view of your machines, production lines, emergency cases and project status with D.A.R.V.I.N! Collaborate and share your on-site real-life experience with your team. Product Url:
Country: Austria
Website: https://www.darvin.live/


The Wipster platform is a beautifully designed, intuitive video review and approval experience for businesses creating a video. Reviews are accelerated by 65%, and what was once a tedious process becomes a streamlined workflow. Teams no longer need to use email, Vimeo, storage, encoding, delivery and archiving tools. Wipster replaces all of these in one tidy, streamlined package.
Country: New Zealand
Website: https://wipster.io/


Micepad delivers audience engagement tools and digital content through the use of our proprietary iPad & mobile app. We help conference organizers, and training companies become more productive by saving them time as well as the cost to enable a smooth deployment. We also provide start-to-end managed services by mapping out clients needs before events, providing on-site execution and technical support.
Country: Singapore
Website: http://www.micepadapp.com/


Testlio combines your QA (Quality Assurance) tools and needs to acquire in-house testers and a device lab. No matter what hours, devices or tools are needed, Testlio has you covered. All-in-one platform, expert testing community, and personalized support. Testlio helps you move fast without breaking things.
Country: Estonia
Website: https://testlio.com/

Ponoko – Your Personal Factory

Ponoko helps product designers become superstars. Ponoko makes it easy for designers to both make and sell their products online, 10x faster and cheaper than traditional methods. Direct online access is guaranteed to both manufacturing (with no minimum order size) and consumers (with no retail curator). Designers upload designs to their online Personal Factory and select materials to instantly verify, price and order prototypes and custom products. They can then add them to the marketplace for sale. Personal Factory speeds the process and reduces the cost of turning designs into products and businesses. This is a major change in the way new products are brought to market, unleashing the world’s product design creativity and commerce. To date, Ponoko designers have produced over 300,000 custom products.
Country: New Zealand
Website: https://www.ponoko.com/


Banks charge a lot for international money transfers – even when they claim there are ‘no fees.’ TransferWise doesn’t. The service allows regular people to access the real, mid-market exchange rate. This is done by using peer-to-peer technology that cuts out traditional bank fees altogether. Customers pay a tiny, fully transparent service charge to access this. We hope it will upend the entire sector in the way Skype did international calls.
Country: Estonia
Website: https://transferwise.com/


Infoline is a mobile and web service which connects consumers and businesses in emerging markets. Despite the low Internet penetration in Africa and the low-end types of phones available on the continent, the service provides mobile-users the option to send messages to businesses and receive responses from the businesses through a private channel just as their counterparts in Internet-rich regions would send e-mails or use social media. The product also offers its users the convenience of obtaining relevant business information about products and services via SMS just as consumers in technologically advanced countries would use search engines to search the web. By going around the limitations posed by lack of access to the Internet, this product is providing an alternative for consumers who are in search of information and businesses which are interested in interacting with their customers.
Country: Ghana
Website: http://nandimobile.com/


Bridging brands and fans with the power of premium creativity. Global brands are using Springleap’s unique creative social media marketing campaigns to empower creatives and engage brand fans. To date, Springleap has rewarded creatives with over $300,000 in the last year and placed them on magazines, sites, and TV across the world.
Country: South Africa
Website: http://www.springleap.com/


Conekta is a platform that allows businesses in Mexico to process online payments using both online and offline methods. Using Conekta’s technology, any business can start transacting in minutes. We are revolutionizing the way people transact in Latin America through tools which automate the payments experience and are more efficient than traditional methods currently used. Conekta provides channels accessible to the majority of the market in countries like Mexico, including offline methods, channels that are previously disregarded by dominant payment solutions (Braintree, Paypal). With Conekta, our customers create the payment experience that they need and we handle the entire transaction process from security to recurring payments. Conekta is built for any kind of transaction, whether it is charging for a service, selling physical products, taking donations, e-commerce offers, or enabling marketplaces for third parties.
Country: Mexico
Website: https://www.conekta.com/

HammerKit Studio

HammerKit is a cloud-based web application development environment. Based on a unique component technology, HammerKit enables web applications to be built in a modular and visual way. A consequence of the component approach is the capacity to copy any application precisely with a single button click and to use it as the basis of another modified application. HammerKit turns web projects into globally repeatable solutions. HammerKit differs from traditional coding-based environments, by allowing users to design and build anything from a simple website to a complex, data-driven application. With HammerKit, you create applications in a real-time visual drag and drop interface where building web services are made easy through the use of functional elements and visual components. There is no command line coding to worry about and nothing to download or install. The real-time approach allows you to work collaboratively with your clients and your team. Everything you create with HammerKit is stored in the Cloud. HammerKit runs on Amazon AWS infrastructure and is built to scale projects as required.


Nsoroma (Star) is a company that provides a range of tracking and fleet management services in Ghana and the West African sub-region. It combines the skillset of 3D-tracking (http://3dtracking.com) and the management know-how of Multiplant Ghana Ltd. Enhancements include: * Working with proprietary maps or generating maps of unmapped areas, and integrating solutions into the database. * Dispatch capabilities: Garmin satellite navigation units with Ghana maps are now integrated into the Nsoroma tracking system, permitting two-way communication with drivers, automatic driver ID recognition and the use of an order management system for real-time adjustment to operational directives. You can, for instance, send your driver an instruction with a location which will be clearly and unambiguously displayed on the navigator map and will also be recorded in the database system. This is made to work without house numbers, a must in a country like Ghana where street names and numbers are rarely used. The advantages include: * Solutions to compute and automate reports based on fuel consumption averages. * Solutions to allow drivers to invoice per mileage driven. * Tampering alert solutions to discourage dishonest drivers. * Low costs, with no monthly subscription payments. * Highly effective solutions for financial companies or individuals, who do not want to track their vehicles all the time, but wish to immobilize and retrieve their vehicle easily if needed. Nsoroma prides itself on tailoring solutions case by case for any clients, taking into account the specific needs of the regional business context. Nsoroma improves efficiency and reduces costs, handling individual client needs in first-rate fashion, thanks to the technical competence of the team.
Website: https://www.nsoromagps.com/


HootSuite is a web and mobile social media dashboard aimed mainly at professionals who need to leverage sites such as Twitter and Facebook for their business needs. HootSuite helps both individuals and organizations to spread messages, monitor conversations and track results across multiple networks, relying on a freemium business model. Its free version allows you to add five networks and supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, PingFm, and WordPress.HootSuite enables organizations using the social web to launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audiences, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels. With HootSuite’s unique social media dashboard, teams can collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress and other social networks via web, desktop or mobile platforms, plus track campaign results and industry trends to rapidly adjust tactics. Best for actively managed accounts, HootSuite is designed to focus on streams which are housed in customizable tabs, organized by account, network or content. This flexibility makes it easier to monitor a specific type of feed more closely. Launched in December 2008 by Invoke Media, HootSuite’s rapidly growing user base includes governments, artists, and organizations like the White House, Martha Stewart Media, SXSW, and Zappos. Accolades include awards from Mashable’s Open Web, Canadian New Media, and Shorty Awards.
Website: https://hootsuite.com/


Areoscan is a web-based service that enables the user to create a 3D model of any area or object using digital photography. In industries such as surveying, architecture, and design, Areoscan is proving to be a cost-effective, flexible and time efficient solution for all sorts of jobs, ranging from complex land surveys through creative art projects. Whatever the need, Areoscan takes a real-life subject and automatically generates a 3D model in the same way a 3D laser scanner does, without specialized equipment. The 3D models can be downloaded in several formats for manipulation by a range of computer-aided design (CAD) programmes. There are some guides available online to assist the user in maximizing their experience and getting great results. This project cements New Zealand’s reputation as an innovative global developer.


Launched in 2009, Monaqasat is an online state-of-the-art eTendering solution/platform that enables users to work with their tenders in an easy, secure, cost and time efficient way. The platform contributes greatly to reducing administrative overhead for clients and increasing productivity. With over 600 active customers, Monaqasat has quickly grown to become the largest private provider of eTendering solutions in the United Arab Emirates. The majority of large UAE construction companies now registered. What makes Monaqasat stand out from the crowd is the implementation of the complete tendering process from beginning to end: users create tenders, invite participants, upload, stamp and verify documents, submit and compare bids and award tenders, all from one place.

Remediation Check

With its new SanierungsCheck software, Austrian building society ‘Bausparkasse’ is providing its customers with an easy first step to improving energy efficiency in their homes. Users of the website can get a first impression of the necessary improvements to be made to their properties in just a few minutes – all from the comfort of their own homes. This unique software guides users through the many solutions available for exploiting the maximum energy-saving potential of their properties straightforwardly. It identifies the necessary improvements, calculates a building cost estimate based on the data entered, evaluates the subsidies available in the respective federal province and calculates potential mortgage options. The software is divided into several modules to achieve optimum results that meet specific user requirements. These modules can be used on their own or in combination, according to individual needs and interests. Sanierungscheck features a modern and self-explanatory design to facilitate access and provide all the necessary information at a glance.


After almost ten years of brand-building, AWEB has become China’s largest agricultural portal website, with daily visits topping 1 million. It offers a rich source of farming information, such as news, network promotion, online trading, supply and demand, and online recruitment for farmers and agricultural enterprises. Farmers and major farming households can consult experts via the forum, and receive answers to their questions free of charge. They can also post supply and demand information on a “Business Platform,” and a “Comprehensive Services Platform” functions to regulate and control the quality of the material submitted, as well as the content of online stores. To strengthen the protection of farmers, a “credit star” program has been developed, which uses an electronic tag to establish a low-cost credit system for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing basic online credit management services for their electronic business and trading activities.
Website: http://www.aweb.com.cn/


AvaGuide is a sophisticated combination of top quality interactive video and text-to-speech technology that enables the creation of virtual characters able to hold customized conversations. In less than 10 minutes, AvaGuide can provide businesses with a perfect virtual employee who will work 24/7, serving tens of customers at a time. Record your video or choose one of the professional pre-recorded characters, add a stylish background and a dialog, and remember that you can customize it the way you want. Copy the code and paste it into your site and your AvaGuide is ready to work for you. AvaGuide gives businesses the opportunity to attract more customer attention, convert visitors into paying customers by simply making their lives easier, plus distinguish themselves from competitors still using traditional text solutions. AvaGuides can help visitors navigate through sites and find answers to their questions – instantly, in an intelligent way. No previous solutions could do that. This product guarantees the most intuitive online experience site visitors can have.


ngpay is India’s first mass-market mobile commerce service. Functioning on every telecom network, consumers all over India can bank, pay bills, book tickets, make donations, shop, order food, and more – from a single place on their mobile handsets. Transactions with 80+ businesses across ten sectors can be completed following a simple download of a free, 64kb application to a mobile handset. ngpay is easy, fast, and secure. Upon selection of a merchant, the user is guided through their m-commerce transaction – step-by-step – via ngpay’s interactive, menu-driven interface. In this way, ngpay can deliver the true PC-Based e-commerce experience with mobile internet technology. Once the user gets to the payment stage, multiple options are available – all securely stored in ngpay’s mobile wallet. All conventional forms of electronic payment are possible, including redeeming ngpay loyalty points. Data and over-the-air transactions are fully encrypted and require multi-level authorization to be accessed. Users receive SMS and, where applicable, email verifications of their transactions, and can view their transaction history on the ngpay main menu. ngpay is one of the few services able to bring low-cost electronic commerce and financial services to the rural and working class.

Karma Currency Website

The karma currency foundation was set-up to revitalize the philanthropic landscape in Australia. Karma currency is Australia’s first online gift voucher website for charitable donations, offering non-profit agencies – big and small – the chance to use the site as a new fundraising channel, with 100% of all donations going to their charity. The site explains this new concept easily and straightforwardly to users, providing an intuitive user experience for a diverse target audience, in the hope of converting browsers into purchasers. Charities that sign-up for the first time are reviewed and approved by karma and, once accepted, can complete their profiles and upload products for customers to purchase. With new charities signing up and content changing daily, the workflow and approval process demands that karma have complete control over all content on the site. A Content Management System platform has therefore been developed to give karma staff complete autonomy in managing the site, with the tools to manage charity partners, content workflow, financial reporting and the generation of reports for the Australia Taxation Office.
Website: https://www.karmacurrency.com.au/

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