All fledgling musicians are familiar with the gap between the fantasy of playing a musical instrument and the frustration involved in learning how to play it. JoyTunes bridges that gap and motivates kids to play through interactive computer games activated by real instruments. According to the JoyTunes team – world-renowned musicians and music educators, game developers, signal analysis experts and graphic designers – this unique, patent-pending technology will increase the motivation to practice and shorten the learning process for millions of music lovers.

The interactive games work with your very own instrument and a simple microphone, so they are easy and natural to use. The first game in the series, JoyTunes Recorder, a web-based music instruction game, teaches crucial initial skills on a simple instrument. The different game levels are musical lessons designed to develop a variety of important musical skills – from the production of a single note to the rhythm and timing of complete melodies. More games with other instruments are on the way. The game has won several prestigious awards and is being supported by leading music educators from around the world. Through this innovative computer game, JoyTunes creates a fun and interactive doorway to the world of music, as the young musician’s motivation to learn is directly correlated with his or her motivation to beat the game.

Original Title: ג’ויטונס
Country: Israel
Producer: JoyTunes
Category: Startup