Aula365 is the biggest educational network in Ibero America, with more than 3 million children, parents and teachers that collaborate and learn with it. It offers multimedia and interactive support for the school, and home. With more than 4000 educational resources created by specialists in each subject, Aula365 is a tool that helps children in every grade with their homework, and teachers and parents to offer a fun way of learning to kids. It is a platform where children can apply critical thinking, creative thinking, and fostering cooperative intelligence in a safe environment. Aula365 offers the biggest library of educational content, produced specifically for each subject of the school curricula.

“I picture Aula365 as a transmedia platform that enables fluent relations between students, teachers, and parents from all over Iberoamerica. It´s an exclusive scholar tool, with materials that provide a better class, with amazing content (more than 4000 interactive movies that you can watch here:, stimulating creativity and intercultural dialogue, under an environment of entertainment and in contact with the newest technologies. It’s a space where teachers become facilitators, and the knowledge is developed with everyone´s collaboration and participation (in Coopernia, our continent of collaboration:, so children can feel dignified. It´s a tool that fosters the development of individual capabilities in an integrated system, also promoting entrepreneurship in kids. My purpose for Aula365 is that it becomes an engine that promotes action, emotion and the development of potential in students so that they can be constituted with their creations and celebrate knowledge.” Pablo Aristizabal, CEO, and Founder of Aula365.

Jury Evaluation:

Aula365 stimulates collaborative intelligence, favors the learning process and motivates learning through a social platform based on participation and collaboration in a secure environment. Through a series of multimedia and interactive content and with its own pedagogical model Aula365 bring parents and children together in an innovative teaching-learning process. Education for the future in a user-friendly design within a safe environment with secure content including movies and other multimedia tools.

Country: Argentina
Producer: Mr. Pablo Aristizabal | CEO and founder of Aula365
Category: Startup