Winning Projects 2012

Fight Poverty, Hunger & Disease

iWatch Nigeria

iWatch NigeriaiWatch is a platform where citizens can find detailed reports about the projects and budget allocations promised by governments in Nigeria, from local to  federal, and can air their opinions and concerns about what governments are doing. iWatch aims to improve accountability and keep governments on their toes in terms of their constitutional obligations and service delivery. The data provided by iWatch on nationwide government initiatives, tells you who is acting, what is being done, when people will be affected, where the efforts are being focussed and why the project is being carried out.


Music Is Medicine

Music Is MedicineMusic is Medicine is an organization founded by teenage musician sisters who discovered magic: ten or fifteen seriously ill children and their parents can be the best audience a musician could ask for. Music is Medicine offers an online platform inviting musicians to register to use their music to impact hospitalized children in their communities by being paired with a local children’s centre to perform, to fundraise and/or organize a creative music therapy program for patients. Musicians receive practical guidance to organize a benefit concert, or to record a song of inspiration.



FarmerlineFarmerline is a service that delivers information to farmers through voice or text messages to their mobile phone. It addresses the problem of accessing timely and area-specific information missed by many Ghanaian smallholder farmers. Lack of access to information affects their yield, income and autonomy, making it difficult to orient decisions according to larger trends such as market demand, or to get the voices of farmers heard. With 30% of the world’s food supply produced by smallholder farmers, low yields are everybody’s problem. Mobile phones used throughout Ghana offer an ideal…



NowDoctorNowDoctor is the first platform in Greece that allows patients to book appointments online with the doctor of their choice while providing doctors with a powerful e-marketing tool. The service is entirely free to ordinary citizens who just have to register in order to access the service


Nefsi Masr/Companies Care

Nefsi MasrAfter the Arab Spring everyone is convinced that people have power. Governments are now doing their best to fix and revamp the infrastructure of their countries, with priority given to large projects (Water, electricity, employment, etc..). However, citizens suffer from low standards of living and unfortunately this is not prioritized by the public officials. On the other hand the private sector companies pay huge amounts of money for advertising and CSR projects which are not always what people want. Companies Care is a project where people put detailed solutions for these poor services….