Solving problems & Crowdfunding Small Innovative Projects


Yomken enables Arabic youth entrepreneurs to turn ideas into action through crowdfunding in the Arabic-speaking world.

This platform supports young people fighting with unemployment, not only by starting their businesses but also by helping underprivileged MSE owners to increase the added value of their products, which will be translated into higher revenue.

Yomken tries to bridge the gap between the challenges faced by micro and small entrepreneurs (MSE) working mainly in low-tech and informal manufacturing industries and the innovative ideas and skills of potential problem solvers.

Potential solutions are posted by problem solvers that capitalize on the “wisdom of the crowd.” A group of volunteer experts reviews the proposed solutions to choose the best one for implementation.

Funders can track the use of their contribution during the production process, and even the social impact the project had during and after the production is completed (e.g., creating more jobs, increasing the income of the workshop owner, and so on).

This project was honored with the World Summit Youth Award in the category “Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease” in 2013.

If you see yourself as a potential problem solver, visit Yomken, join their platform and suggest realistic solutions for the owner´s workshop problems.