Arab e-content Award Winners announced!

The Best of the Best from the Arab speaking World! The Grand Jury of the WSA announced 23 amazing winning products.

Celebrating Diversity: this is not only the motto of the World Summit Award, which will acclaim it’s 40 winners in a few weeks in Sri Lanka but also of the Arab e-Content Award of 2013. Like the WSA, the Arab e-content Award promotes progressive e-content in 8 categories – but only from the Arab speaking world! Our Grand Jury carefully checked the numerous contestants alongside the World Summit Award Nominees during our time in Tallinn/Estonia at the end of August.

We are now very proud to tell you that our jury members have agreed on 23 amazing winning products!

Most of the winning products of this year’s Arab e-Content Award have one thing in common: Interactivity! And this can be done in some ways. From from Jordan, the largest Arabic interactive medical and health platform, to Bareem, an advanced digital content publishing platform, based in Qatar and specialized on the educational and developmental needs of Arab children from the age of 2 to 6, from Cinemoz (Lebanon), the fastest growing Video on Demand platform in the Arab world, to MARSAD, an observatory of parliament members in Tunisia made by an NGO: The producers of these awesome ventures know that to reach your audience, you have to communicate with them. Also an amazing project: DrBridge, a mobile and web product for doctors that provides complete clinic management and patient engagement platform. This venture is one of totally four winners from Egypt, making it the country with most winning projects this year.

Being recognized as the best e-content from the whole Arab speaking world, the 23 producers of the successful projects will receive their awards at the Arab c-Content Award Gala, hosted by the e-Government Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain. There, they will be able to promote themselves and their ventures in front of an international audience and to network with other winners from the region.

These are the Arab e-content Award winners sorted by category:

e-Government & Open Data

e-Health & Environment

e-Learning & Science

e-Entertainment & Games

e-Business & Commerce

e-Culture & Tourism

e-Media & Journalism

e-Inclusion & Empowerment