The Gateway to Education in Nepal

Edusanjal guides students about all the courses taught in Nepal so that students can have better insight into the courses of their interest before enrollment and can choose the degree that best fits them. Edusanjal also helps students to find the college of their interest and also to compare the colleges offering same/similar courses. Edusanjal brings information about exams, form submission deadlines, exam schedule, etc. and is also helping SLC Board, HSEB Board and Tribhuvan University in publishing results. Students of SLC to Master’s level can know about their results instantly by logging in to edusanjal.

edusanjal brings all the pieces of information about scholarships grants and competition in one platform so that none of the students will miss the chance of being selected/awarded. Edusanjal also brings information about every single upcoming educational event happening in Nepal. We are compiling thesis topics so that students involved in research can know about the previous research done on the same topics and can get the code for that topic. This code is used to get full details about the thesis/research from Tribhuvan University Central Libary.

We compile the education news from different sources and put them in Edusanjal according to the category we made. This is helping peoples to find about the education issues and the trends in education. We also bring the articles from Scholars, academicians, educationist to give the current picture of education in Nepal and also to guide students about different courses, their scopes, etc. We have rapidly growing Facebook page:, which have more than 6 thousand members. Where we are bombarded with different types of questions every day, which we answer every day by finding answers from different sources. We have to reach many students in Nepal so that many students will be benefited by our project.