Dr. Summit Shah

Premier Allergy, Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Summit Shah

Dr. Summit Shah is a highly decorated medical practitioner with an impeccable public service record serving the Central Ohio community. He is an allergist, clinical researcher, and professor. Dr. Summit is also a successful entrepreneur. He owns and manages Premier Allergy that is based in Columbus, Ohio. The center offers cutting-edge, medical treatment and research, and is at the forefront of providing specialized care to adults and children suffering from allergy. Dr. Summit studied at Bishop Watterson High School and graduated with a coveted valedictorian.

From here, he went to Ohio State University and earned a bachelor’s degree with Honors. At the same university, Dr. Summit pursued his MD at OSU’s prestigious College of Medicine. He performed his residency at Tufts University before joining Scripps Clinic, where he undertook an intensive three-year immunology and allergy fellowship. Outside everyday clinical and patient engagements at Premier Allergy, Dr. Summit actively lends his hand at various other institutions, including the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Riverside Hospital, and Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital.

One of the most desired awards in Dr. Summit’s cap of achievements is the Healthcare Hero award offered to him in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of research on severe food allergies. While he was a student, Dr. Summit Shah recognized the heavy burden college students have to brave in the name of high college tuition and related expenses. He recently established the Summit Shah MD Scholarship to help students defray some of the tuition cost. Students are required to submit a short essay to be considered for the 1,000 scholarship.

The title of the essays typically topics designed to help students stay motivated and on track to achieving their goals. The length of the essay is 500 words or less. High school students with an acceptance letter to join a college or university are welcome to apply. Also, eligible, are current students enrolled in university or college. A dedicated entry form is available on the scholarship website. Along with the essay, students must submit their name, address, contacts, and school. The deadline for this year’s scholarship is June 1, 2019, with the winner being announced in July 2019.

What prompted you to start the Premier Allergy treatment center?

I wanted to put my skills in immunology into good use. While I was studying, I realized there were very few experts in the field, and this motivated me to think about establishing a treatment center. The rising cases of food allergies and ailment also call for concerted efforts among researchers.

How many hours do you spend at work on average? Please outline your typical day?

I work about 10 hours a day. However, the schedule changes whenever there is a serious case to be addressed or an emergency. Every day, we work hard to treat and counter the effects of allergens and chemicals. Because of the dedication of our members, Premier Allergy has become a leader in allergy testing and treatment.

What motivates you?

I will submit that being an allergist is my biggest passion. However, seeing sick patients get well after treatment motivates me to go on.

How do you generate new ideas?

The team I work with at Premier Allergy is highly resourceful when it comes to suggesting and implementing ideas. Our business strategy covers everything from the target audience to staff training and patient follow-up. To gain valuable insights and feedback, we often commission patient satisfaction surveys and encourage reviews through our website.

When a new idea comes up, how long do you stick with it before giving up?

This largely depends on the importance and magnitude of the idea. If the idea is non-viable or cannot be implemented, I usually discarded it immediately after careful analysis and consultation.

If you were given a chance to redo your career, what would you do differently?

I like the fact that my career runs in tandem with my aspirations, even as a young boy. I would probably start the private practice much earlier.

In your own assessment, what top three skills do you need to become a successful entrepreneur?

The skills that stand out are good communication and the ability to learn and craft a winning strategy. A sound strategy is crucial in formulating policies that predetermine business success. Learning, on the other hand, offers businesses the opportunity to correct past mistakes, operate more effectively and enhance customer experience. Communication has to be through because it connects the business to customers, whether it’s an in-person conversation, written or online communication.

Which specific failure stands out in your entire life, and what did you learn from it?

As a physician, I am responsible for improving and maintaining public health as well as mitigating health risks, but challenges usually go beyond this scope. When I began my private practice, I found it very difficult to negotiate with payers and had to contend with delays in obtaining authorizations. However, an in-service training helped me overcome the scare.

What is your greatest fear as a physician, and how do you manage it?

I will quantify fear to mean on-work challenges. Cases of allergy often rise during springtime through to summer. During these moments, we are forced to work extra time to keep the situation in check without compromising the quality of treatment. I am happy that most of the patients who come to our center receive quick service, thanks to the supportive and dedicated staff.

How do you define success?

As a physician, I define success by how well I diagnose and treat a patient with an allergy. Most people believe allergies are simply a bout of bad cold. However, when you look at it from the research viewpoint, allergies can be debilitating. The symptoms range from a runny nose and sneezing to uncomfortable pressure in the head and even death.

What or who do you believe has been your greatest inspiration?

I come from a family with an entrepreneurial background. My inspiration to become a doctor was driven by love for science. While in the medical school, I also received lots of inspiration from the professors.

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

I like the independence that comes with being an entrepreneur. The idea that I am my own boss allows me to set my own goals, work on my own schedule and work wherever I want.

State “five key elements for establishing and running a successful business.”

In the healthcare sector, promoting health and managing the budget are the factors crucial in achieving business success. The five key elements of starting and running a successful health center:

  • Focusing on the customer,
  • Understanding the concept of supply and demand
  • Studying the competition
  • Keeping the fixed and variable costs in check
  • Working to achieve high return-on-investment (ROI)

Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

I enjoy spending my time off with family. Once in a while, I go hiking around the splendid Ohio River and play golf. Being an alumnus of Ohio State, I usually go out to watch the Buckeye play.

Where do see yourself and the business 10 years from now?

My career demands that I spend a lot of time doing research. One of the areas causing a huge concern is the rapidly growing cases of venom allergies. I am optimistic that in the coming 10 years, we will open in several locations and expand our scope of research to cover breakout and less known allergies.