Consider these things before joining a working space


Do you know? The number of members joining coworking space will increase to 5 million users by 2024! That’s quite a number for remote working professionals. Now, should we be crediting pandemic for it? Partially, yes! 

Because statistics also confirm that the number of coworking spaces will double by 2024 compared to 2021 levels, despite the pandemic. These numbers prove that the global working structure is changing with the evolving needs. Now you don’t have to worry about the client being in Iceland or Japan, as long as there is a good internet connection and the meeting’s time set!

Why choose coworking spaces?

It’s a decent question to ask, given that you have the comfort to work from home. Many people beg to differ, as not everyone is comfortable working from home. The routine of waking up & getting ready along with the daily commute gives a sense of certainty that we lacked for the past two years. 

Working from a coworking space gives – those few – the comfort of going to the office without actually visiting their own. Imagine that you don’t have to leave your hometown and still have the opportunity to work with those fortune 500 companies. This offer is worth the steal as it wouldn’t have happened so quickly as it did in the last few months.

ProTip: Finding and contacting coworking spaces around your locality has become easier than ever. With email finder websites like, you can search and validate an email address within just a matter of seconds! It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So it becomes clear for the question about how to find someone’s email.

Here is the list to consider before choosing the workspace,

What amenities do they provide?

For the membership fee, what are the services you obtain? Many provide a cozy working space along with parking space. Before signing the contract, research and see for yourself about the amenities and their legitimacy.

There are a few spaces that also provide gym entry and a lounge area. So it is ideal that you are aware of all these matters. Try looking them up online and check the reviews. Speak to a few who are currently working there. 

Who are the demographics?

Getting to know the demographics that usually visit the space is always beneficial. Certain employees have sensitive data and information to deal with every day, due to which they are concerned about safety and compliance.

If you are one amongst such a crowd, then speak to the space’s owner and put forward your requirements. There are specific spaces that provide separate rooms to accommodate the highly sensitive work processes.

What’s the budget?

The space should provide basic facilities like furniture, internet and coffee machine. These are the basic items anyone would look for in the contract. But, how much do they charge for the basic plan? And, what is the competitor’s price for the same? 

Does it fit your budget? What are the charges for additional? Is there any annual fee involved? Read the contract carefully to find any extra charges. Ensure that the office space is available 24X7. You will have the flexibility to work at your requirement and convenience.

Consider all of these and only then deem the space to be fit for work!