YA Friends

The social platform created for and dedicated  to "YA Friends" offers a global marketplace an idea funnel for creative networking and many more advanced options. It offers both exclusive access to closed internal groups of past winners as well as open and free access to all applicants and everyone who wishes to be part of an international community aiming to put the MDGs into action.

The "YA Friends" was set up by two Austrian social entrepreneurs and former WSYA Winners Stephan Hamberger and Mathias Haas in 2010 for Winners and candidates to connect and showcase their projects - you can follow them as well as many other successful young e-content producers and entrepreneurs from all UN countries thanks to this platform now. 

Extra benefits for new applicants!

In case you´re considering to apply with your project of the Youth Award you can get some extra benefits from joining the network:

- earn World Summit Youthaward jury plus points by collecting Facebook likes for your projects

- get promotion for your project and some additional traffic to your website

- connect with likeminded people, and find new friends, partners or investors

- share your ideas and visions to start new projects.

The new YA Friends 2.0 has already been launched so don´t hesitate to check it out at  friends.youthaward.org!