e-Entertainment and Games Winners

Our World War Interactive

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2014 was the centenary of the WW1. An event that is of particular relevance to British people. But many young people today feel no connection the world-changing events of the great war.

This project – High Wood – was created to bring the experience of WW1 to a young audience that had never thought about how important an event this was truly was, asking them simply what would you have done?

Pledge Sport

Country: Ireland
PledgeSports is a Crowdfunding platform dedicated to sports. We operate in Europe, US, and Africa.

Kerbal Space Program

Country: Mexico
Kerbal Space Program is a multi-genre game where players are taught realistic orbital mechanics and physics via compelling gameplay. It was created as a project with an international scope to show that even developing nations like Mexico can participate competitively in the global software market, just by the sheer impulse of creativity and talent.


Country: Sri Lanka
FlipBeats is highly Competitive, Good Looking & User-Friendly Music App which invites its users to a truly Professional music listening experience. This App runs on all Android, iOS and Apple Watch devices. FlipBeats treats its users with advanced Audio Configurations to fine-tune audio to create a listening experience unique to their tastes, or best for their environment, device, or audio gear.


Country: Argentina
The Creators is a Transmedia IDoTainment TV series, for children and Youth that invites you to believe in yourself, the importance of relations with others and to make and create, the series integrates two magical worlds: Live Action and animation in 3D. The series works combined with a multiplatform 3D game Creapolis and a Mobile App, The combination allows children to have performative learning.

EVE Online from CCP Games, Reykjavik, Iceland

Country: Iceland
EVE Online is a spectacular, captivating gaming experience where hundreds of thousands of players compete within the same virtual cosmic universe for riches, power, glory, and adventure. In EVE, players can create and live out their most virtuous or sinister dreams, piloting starships through a futuristic galaxy featuring a sophisticated, player-run economy and solar systems rife with treasures to be discovered. With professions ranging from commodities trader to mercenary, industrial entrepreneur to pirate, mining engineer to the fleet commander and more, EVE players have access to a diverse array of tools and interfaces to forge their own exhilarating path. EVE players can also interact within EVE Gate, a Web-based portal for the EVE community to connect, organize and communicate outside the game itself. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at www.eveonline.com.

Kinetic Stories

Country: Finland
Kids love a good story – and actually, so do we as adults. Kinetic Stories is a series of storybooks that mix traditional storytelling with the latest developments in motion tracking and speech recognition technology. Through this unique combination, a Kinetic Story allows any child (or playful adult) to literally step into the role of their favorite storybook character. In Kinetic Stories, the child becomes an active part of the storytelling experience. A story in the series inspires the child to do what comes most naturally to them – telling a story through their own movements and voice. While doing so, the child keeps developing both their mental and physical capabilities. A key aspect in the concept, the printed book represents a continuation of the same story outside the digital realm. The interactive version can be updated, and hidden content can be uncovered by showing certain pages of the printed book to the sensor device at key times.

interactive dance / INaxyz

Country: Italy
Creating music through movement, INaxyz heralds the creation of a new dance form where the power and grace of the human body translate into the innovative musical composition. The simplicity of the electronic devices (five sensors) opens up the possibility of creating solo as well as highly interactive works which can be created by both professional as well as amateur choreographers. The product takes communication between dancers to a new level as they respond to each other both through sound and movement. The possibility of assigning different tones and levels of intensity to different dancers is an exciting dimension that introduces new levels of compositional control. It is going to be extremely interesting to see how the various traditions of dance incorporate these new technologies into their repertoire and in this way extend their reach to new audiences. For the younger generation, INaxyz can help enchant kids with dance and build their skill levels beyond interactive video gaming dance applications.

Making View – 360° video – Like being there!

Country: Norway
Simply stunning vistas, superbly exciting real-time experiences of Formula 1 racing; this best in breed technology will allow masterful filmmakers to exercise their creativity in new ways and enhance the user experience to the degree that was simply unimaginable up till now. 360-degree camera and related technologies do exist, but this product takes the experiential possibilities to an entirely new dimension. The kind of interactivity and responsiveness provides a more real experience of panoramic views even at the highest speeds. This technology opens up major possibilities for countries to open up tourism sites, teachers to make geography, biology, physics and so many other subjects open up for their students and advertisers to simply wow potential clients. While it has applications in virtually every sector of human endeavor the interactive 360-degree possibilities are of the greatest interest to filmmakers for all kinds of formats, documentaries, commercial productions, education videos.

Aqua Lingua: See what you hear

Country: Lithuania
The website Aqua Lingua accompanied by the motto: “See What You Hear” provides a unique possibility to create personal water pictures using human voice or other sounds. The main idea is to offer a possibility to see our words, music or other sounds. The water surface is stirred by individual sound using the novel patented technology of converting durable sound into a single image. All the audio waves regenerate into water waves and are photographed. An amazing photo revealing the invisible beauty and harmony of sound is made into artwork and sent to the client along with the certificate of its originality. The picture contains a QR code that enables to listen to the original visualized sound at any time. Every visualization is unique – as unique is a human voice, its timbre, intonation, sense, and meaning of words. Aqua Lingua provides an unusual opportunity to see what is invisible, to make an exceptional award of honor, to create a personal present for your beloved one or materialize a dear memory.


All fledgling musicians are familiar with the gap between the fantasy of playing a musical instrument and the frustration involved in learning how to play it. JoyTunes bridges that gap and motivates kids to play through interactive computer games activated by real instruments. According to the JoyTunes team – world-renowned musicians and music educators, game developers, signal analysis experts and graphic designers – this unique, patent-pending technology will increase the motivation to practice and shorten the learning process for millions of music lovers. The interactive games work with your very own instrument and a simple microphone, so they are easy and natural to use. The first game in the series, JoyTunes Recorder, a web-based music instruction game, teaches crucial initial skills on a simple instrument. The different game levels are actually musical lessons designed to develop a variety of important musical skills – from the production of a single note to the rhythm and timing of complete melodies. More games with other instruments are on the way. The game has won several prestigious awards and is being supported by leading music educators from around the world. Through this innovative computer game, JoyTunes creates a fun and interactive doorway to the world of music, as the young musician’s motivation to learn is directly correlated with his or her motivation to beat the game.


Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters Limbo. Limbo is a puzzle-platform video game presented primarily in monochromatic black-and-white tones, using lighting, film grain effects and minimal ambient sounds to create an eerie atmosphere often associated with the horror genre. The navigation is simple and intuitive. What makes this game absolutely outstanding is the aesthetic design, moving reviewers to classify Limbo as an example of “video game as art.” Journalists have praised the dark presentation, describing the work as comparable to film noir and German Expressionism. Some of the qualifiers coming to mind when playing this game: magnificent, unique, poetic, beautiful, special, intriguing. It can’t get better than that!


‘Playing with the Big Boys!’ SUMO is an online and Facebook casual and social game featuring unique, accurate, 3D motion control technology for any PC and MAC with a standard webcam. Use your body movement and your computer’s webcam to guide your Sumo character through Sumo School before taking on a host of enemies in survival quests and challenges. SUMO is also available from the AppStore for iPhone/iPad (ref: OmniMotion Sumo) and is among the first games in the world to use both intuitive, multi-touch controls, and next-generation ‘bump-map’ graphics, offering near-console standard visuals and uniquely engaging playing experience. Sumo.ie delivers alternative playing experiences that are engaging, fun and easy to play. What’s more, SUMO is available on Facebook as a browser-based Motion Control game with full community functionality to enjoy and share! Do you have the stuff for it?

My name is Haas

My name is Haas is a transmedia concept from the Netherlands for young children, age 3 to 7. Via 8 different themes, children experience the rich world of Haas and his friends. A unique and serious game is the core of the concept. The world of Haas is designed to fit the target audience seamlessly. The game increases very young children’s vocabulary, stimulates their story comprehension and challenges their problem-solving skills, all in an interactive animated setting. The main character Haas, a hare, is the archetypal child. “Haas” knows nothing, but his name. The combination of lack of experience and a philosophical nature gives rise to Haas’ original twists of mind. Children create an interactive story by simply drawing the character Haas’ world and creating solutions to problems. Haas quickly gets into conflict with the other characters who are much more adult, leading to comical situations. My name is Haas is currently used in two versions: at home and in classrooms. In addition to the online game, there are CD-ROM’s, picture books and zigzag books with circular stories. My name is Haas won the prize for the best serious game in the Dutch Game Awards. Check out:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PrOug6B0Zw

Mini-Mundi: Online Tamagochi, a game for the environment

Mini-Mundi is an online Tamagotchi, a virtual planet to learn how to separate for recycling. Depending on how well the planet is cared for, it starts growing an abundance of flora, fauna, natural resources and funny creatures. Mini-Mundi was created to provide an entertaining way to teach kids how to separate for recycling. The game begins by giving children a little baby world which they have to nurture through recycling tasks and games of which there are 16 throughout the platform. The game adapts its interface to the time of the day the child plays and also displays the 4 different seasons through the year. Players receive different forms of recognition and can make albums with the different stages of their mini-Mundi. The technically well-designed Mini-Mundi platform also provides a tool for teachers to register kids in their classrooms to promote an environmental conscience.


‘MyMachine’ is a unique online project which builds bridges between three different levels of education: primary, secondary and higher. Via an attractive interactive website, children in primary schools produce ideas to create their own ‘dream machine’, the focus being on creativity and imagination over practical usage. Subsequently, higher education students, such as those studying engineering courses, translate these ideas into workable designs, publishing their endeavors to a virtual online community. Finally, pupils from technical secondary schools use the online material to produce real prototypes of the machines. In this way, the ‘MyMachine’ lifecycle (invent, design, make, show, patent) starts with the imagination of children and ends with ‘products.’ The project has been adopted by the local and regional government (Flanders) and by various companies which have become corporate partners of ‘MyMachine.’ During the entire process, children and students can collaborate online and appeal to the know-how and support of the partners, unifying the world of education and entrepreneurship with a key focus on ‘creativity and innovation.’

Casebook Episode One

“Casebook” is a forensic investigation game which utilizes patented AREO technology to enable the player to explore 3D photoreal crime scenes. Gameplay is interspersed with over 30 minutes of cinematics, featuring real actors starring in genuine sets, and convincing crime scenes. These scenes can be subsequently navigated and investigated in real-time by the player, whose task is to find and analyze clues to ultimately solve the case. The AREO technology captures the film scenes with tens of thousands of digital photos which, when stitched together, create an interactive environment which is rich in detail. Considering the massive amount of data captured, the ‘magic’ of the technology is that the game, which contains 100,000 plus digital photos, ships as a 1GB size file and is downloadable.

IQ Training & Testing

“IQ” Training & Testing is an entertaining and educational software package for PCs. Suitable for anyone with a reading age of 7+, the software stimulates users to improve their logical, mathematical and visual intelligence via a series of questions and games. It promises to tune up mental focus, improve intellectual productivity and enhance concentration, promoting faster thinking and learning. Users can compete with others at the problem and puzzle-solving tasks and display their results – making learning appealing and fun.

Street Dance School – the Centre

“Street Dance School – the Center” has become a hit among Bulgarian fans of hip-hop culture. Functioning to promote a school of street dance, this interactive website aims to persuade even the worst couch potatoes to get into the groove. Not only does the site make users want to get moving, but SDS the Center is also attractive from a technological perspective. Video, image and text content are combined, animated and allow for user interaction. Each time the user logs in, the contents can be viewed differently, while clarity and functionality of design are maintained. The project requires no significant resources, making it accessible to the masses. Visitors to the site can listen to the music used for training, leave comments, view recordings of performances, read biographies of the choreographers and, have been convinced, subscribe to actual dance classes themselves.

Wreck a Movie

Wreckamovie unites the Internet and the film industry by unleashing the creative potential of Internet communities, thereby changing the whole chain of filmmaking. Filmmakers and amateur enthusiasts alike can collaborate online to extend their resources to produce professional quality audio/visual material of all genres; from music videos to full-length feature-films. Wreckamovie applies the open source software ideology to film production. It helps get films completed faster and at a considerably lower cost, through crowd-sourced work on production tasks and online resourcing of expertise and corporate funding. Also, it facilitates the viral promotion of films throughout and beyond their production. Wreckamovie enables filmmakers of all backgrounds to create, produce and license quality films at a fraction of the cost, harnessing the wealth of talent that exists outside the world of blockbuster budgets.