Winning Projects 2014: Education for All!

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    The percentage of Africa’s illiterate youth stands at 29%. Not only is in-class learning deficient, leading to early school abandonment, but reaching learners outside the classroom is difficult due to technological and resource constraints. Teachers who give daily homework frequently spend 10-20 hours a week on the preparation, distribution and marking process. Classes are often crowded, with 40-120 learners per teacher. In addition, school fees can consume more than 25% of a poor family’s income. Taking into account these factors, addresses teachers and learners outside the...
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    Zaya ClassCloud

    ClassCloud is a portable battery operated WiFi device that teachers can carry into the classroom and use to diagnose the learning levels of every child in Math and English. ClassCloud lets the teacher prescribe high quality digital content for students in underserved areas regardless of internet connectivity. The ClassCloud creates a “local cloud” in the school through which any WiFi enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones can access the content on the device. It collects a wealth of data on student performance to help teachers focus their efforts and closely...
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    SmileUrbo is an interactive, role-playing game that encourages players to deliberate issues and to cooperate in order to facilitate development in their community. The setting is a small village surrounded by mountains and nestled beside a lake in a developing country facing tough times. The unemployment rate soars while young people emigrate in search of a better future. The objective is to save their village, using an online interface throughout a game that tracks the well-being of the village and each individual. As a member of the village board, each player learns how to find a balance...
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    Mladiinfo International

    The ‘Mladiinfo web-portal– your link to free education’, is an international youth platform where young individuals can advance their knowledge and thereby, develop both professionally and personally. Through the free educational and career opportunities offered on the platform, youth can gain invaluable skills to become transformative agents in their communities. Constructing continually a rich world of opportunities that can be considered, approached and used for (self)development and capacity building, the Mladiinfo web-portal has grown into a recognized initiative from the youth reaching...
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    Kezakoo is a crowd-learning social platform that enables Moroccan students to access to a large variety of online video courses for every level of study. Kezakoo already offers more than 700 videos and receives more than 70 000 views per month. Videos are either created by Kezakoo’s core team or its social contributors. Those contributors are challenged by a jury of experts who verify the good format and the validity of the content of each video. This way Kezakoo does both, offer quality e-content while encouraging creativity and engaging its audience.