Winning Projects 2014: Fight Poverty, Hunger & Disease

  • Winner

    Project Annuit Walk - PAW

    Mobility is a difficult issue to visually impaired people. Blind people feel uncomfortable walking only with canes, running the risk of accidentally hitting someone or even get hurt by obstacles. Some obstacles are more likely to cause accidents involving blind, when these cannot be identified by the cane. Project AnnuitWalk provides a solution to help them walk in their cities more safely with the help of smart glasses for the visually impaired with a focus on obstacle detection. Ultrasonic sensors identify possible obstacles that come in front of the blind user, who is then notified by...
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    ỌMỌMI – meaning “my child” in the Yoruba language  –  is an android-based mobile application designed with the child’s health needs in mind, making access to health care and medical expertise easier for parents. The apps’ unique features enable parents to monitor their children’s health at the touch of a button. The app has a vaccination reminder, a child growth monitor and a GPS locator to find the nearest hospital in case of emergencies. ỌMỌMI also has vital information on breast feeding, family planning, food supplementation and dietary options for babies, as well as the home management of...
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    RFIShoe (RFID-assisted shoe mouse for impaired people)

    RFIShoe is a virtual mouse application for disabled people using a pair of RFID and bluetooth-based Intelligent Shoes. The app targets people with upper limb disability, who cannot use a regular mouse. Each shoe, deriving from an intelligent footwear system designed by the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, contains eight sensors for detecting pressure from different positions of the feet. Thanks to RFID technology, RFIShoe can be easily customized to suit each user, making it possible to control a mouse cursor with small feet gestures, for instance, by...
  • Runner-Up


    Totohealth utilizes emerging market technologies (SMS and Voice) to predict developmental disabilities in children under 5 years. The SMS service provides timely and targeted key antenatal and postnatal healthcare information in local languages to ensure reaching majority of Kenyan mothers. The platform is currently improving lives of over 44,000 households in Kenya, working together with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, through the country government, as well as hospitals and maternal and child health organizations.
  • Runner-Up

    ICT For Agriculture

    ICT for agriculture
    ICT For Agriculture is an integrated product of SMS, Web and Mobile Application to serve the rural farmer’s cooperative and traders at pre-harvesting and post harvesting phase. The overall objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of smallholder farmers and the agribusiness sector in selected commodity value chains. The farmer can yield good products and later get fair market prices to increase living standards and meet the UN MDG to reduce poverty and hunger in a struggling country like Nepal.