Winning Projects 2013: Create your Culture!

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    You Are What You Post

    “You Are What You Post” (“Eres lo que publicas”) is a social campaign aimed to reduce the negative consequences of inappropriate use of digital social networks. The website focuses on a strategy for young people, advocating the proper use of social networks to turn them into platforms for personal well-being, and offering protection against cyber-crime. The project encourages moderation in the use of online networks, in order to avoid social isolation and computer addiction, and raises awareness of the personal and professional consequences of posting inappropriate or discriminatory content,...
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    Lendabook is a social networking site, where anyone can facilitate the mutual borrowing and lending of books wherever they are. Lendabook lets people make friends, share books they own and borrow them from each other. Lendabook is becoming a giant digital library scattered in various regions of Indonesia with diverse collections of books. As the value of books increases with growing ease of access, Lendabook is bound to promote the culture of reading. Member registration is simple: all it takes is information including residence, email address, facebook, and twitter accounts. Members’...
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    Jerry Do It Together

    Jerry Do It Together is an open-knowledge project that focuses on the building process of IT infrastructures. It brings together citizens that decided to build a more inclusive digital society. A Jerry is a customized computer inside of a plastic jerry can, built together with its end users. Made out of end of life materials, they are the low cost solution for digital empowerment. The project compiles open-source building manuals and free tutorials assisting everyone to create a Jerry of his own. The initiative is spread through the Jerry Clan, a global community of users and builders, that...
  • Runner-Up, an online youth volunteer platform, addresses the challenge of limited volunteer opportunities for youth under the age of 18 due to safety, security, and liability issues. The mission of is to engage all youth throughout the world inservice-learning and volunteer service. They are a non-profit that organizes and promotes youth volunteer opportunities and events. Cultivating and fostering empathy is the goal of our organization. They mobilize youth to volunteer through their website, international youth ambassador program, social media postings,...
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    Incredibox is an original idea created by the French graphic design & mixed media studio So Far So Good. Between creation and entertainment, the Incredibox site gives you the possibility of becoming the conductor of a human beatbox group. The application enables everybody to express their musicality through a fun and easy to use interface. The application enables everybody to express their musicality through a fun and easy to use interface, and to share original compositions to friends!