Winning Projects 2011: Pursue Truth!

  • Winner

    The Viewspaper

    Simply put, The Viewspaper is the voice of youth. It is a youth media company based on citizen journalism running a network of 10 youth papers in addition to the main national paper. Available on the internet and in mobile space, The Viewspaper carries the views and opinions of young people from across the world on topics ranging from arts, politics, business and society, to science and sports. The Viewspaper aims to bring about social change by consolidating the opinions of youth on current events and relevant topics, based on the assumption that when lots of young people express their views...
  • Winner

    Zabatak the anti-crime, anti-corruption initiative

    Zabatak is a non-profit initiative led by group of young people that aim to fight corruption and to make Egypt safe and free from bribery and corruption. Politically unaffiliated and having no specific political orientation, Zabatak was established to gather information about criminal, corrupt or semi-legal activities that could be useful to the ordinary citizen. It has already become a reliable center of news.Zabatak also carries potential for further development.
  • Winner


    Write3 is a mobile journalism tool and a platform enabling users to send texts, images, audio or video files via internet directly from a mobile phone to Write3’s mobile journalism portal. True to the basic philosophy of mobile grassroots journalism, Write3 helps mobile phone users to uncover the truth as journalists and as conscious citizens. The process of participation is simple, quick and user friendly, as to be expected with a mass user-based technology. After downloading the software to the mobile phone from the internet, users can take photographs, shoot video or capture audio directly...
  • Runner-Up

    Developing Pictures

    Developing Pictures is a not-for-profit student media collaborative operating out of McGill University, Cornell University, and the University of Oxford. Our mission is to provide media exposure to underrepresented NGO’s and community based organizations around the world, while implementing and carrying out our own student-led development projects on the ground. We have centered much of our work on post-earthquake Haiti, but have been involved in efforts in Kenya, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nicaragua, and Mexico as well. During the 2011-2012 academic year, Developing Pictures raised over $25,...
  • Runner-Up


    One2one youth hotline is a sexuality, reproductive health and HIV hotline aimed at giving young people in Kenya and East Africa correct, accurate, credible, non judgmental and sex positive information. To reach a wider community, one2one utilizes social media- face book to pass on credible information on sexuality, productive and HIV via wall discussion, real chat (individual and group) and inbox messages.