Winning Projects 2009: Power 2 Women!

  • Winner

    Empower Women and meet Millennium Challenges

    Empower Women and meet Millennium Challengesis an interactive website that creates an informed and articulate community by improving computer usage skills in slum communities and by making information accessible. The Slums Information Development and Resource Centers (SIDAREC) operates in the urban slums of Kenya and started off as a youth group in 1996 and developed thanks to the spirit of volunteerism and passion for community service, exhibited by its members. The organization aims to utilize and consolidate skills and talents existing within the community especially youth, for the common...
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    The Sisters 4 Peace Network

    The Sisters 4 Peace Networkis an innovative online application that provides girls with the space and the resources to learn about global issues, spread awareness about their causes, exchange fruitful ideas with other change agents about project tools, and develop their own sustainable campaigns to alleviate social problems. The social-change portal offers one-on-one mentorship, “Transform Your World Toolkits”, and a support network to aspiring girl change-makers around the globe who are working independently on launching their own projects. Sisters 4 Peace is guided by a network of Peace...
  • Winner

    DOKHTIRAN: E-MAGAZINE on Women's Rights

    Dokhtiranwhich literary means “Iran's Daughter” in Farsi is an electronic magazine published on a monthly basis targeting women's rights issues. The main philosophy and aim of the magazine is to increase knowledge of women, to inform female readers of their rights and to give them opportunities in society. Dokhtirancovers each month a special topic important to women that includes deeper, useful information as well as articles on current affairs and teaching information. It also involves discussions on critically judicial, cultural, political and educational rules that affect women in Iran....
  • Runner-Up

    Yemeni Feminist Activists