Winning Projects 2010: Fight Poverty, Hunger & Disease

  • Winner - Improve your vocabulary and provide food to people in need

    Poverty and hunger are issues faced by many societies in the world. They are the root of many conflicts in many communities. Bulgaria is no different and does not offer effective protection for poor people. Many shelters and homes for the elderly, orphans and people with disabilities need help because the daily ration of food is too little to establish and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. When people have a balanced diet, they are productive, energetic members of our communities and society. is a social project developed by the non-profit organization Nahrani Bulgaria. The...
  • Winner

    The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio

    Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio
    The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio tackles rural poverty and hunger by designing and broadcasting daily programs in the local Igbo language. The radio enables farmers to acquire contemporary agricultural and environmental management techniques, to receive daily market information, to advertise their farm products and to learn business skills. Smallholders utilize daily broadcast information to decide what, when, how and for whom to produce in the long term boosting their agricultural yields and household income. The radio is interactive and invites feedback from listeners through the...
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    WSYA Winner 2010: ANTI HIVIRUS
    The interviewer - who somehow resembles to a fat cell - tries to wipe out mankind. Therefore, he invites Mr. HIV, another disgusting and icky animated character, for a job interview. Mr. HIV seems to be a good candidate for the job since there are only a few ways to escape his "talents". In the following videos you get an informative but also entertaining education on how the HIV virus and AIDS work. You will meet other viruses and figures like Bob the Cabbie or Lou Lou - who reminds one of a girlie syphilis cell with a touch of bacteria. This project from China rightly won a WSYA in the...
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  • Runner-Up

    Village Home Tourism

    Alternatives nepal´s website
    Alternatives encourages Nepalese youth to become social entrepreneurs and contribute to the society by motivating a generation of youth endeavors who are self dependent, productive and skilled. Alternatives believes that youth as the change maker, will lead the constructive social development for building a prosperous and equitable society.