Festival Partners 2011:

  • Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth

    Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth
  • Human Rights Advisory Council

    The Human Rights Advisory Council of the City of Graz has been constituted on April 12th, 2007, by Mayor Mag. Siegfried Nagl. Its establishment is based on the Human Rights Declaration of the City of Graz from the 8th of February, 2001, and the 10 point agenda regarding joining the “City Coalition against Racism” on June 29th, 2006. It consists of 28 honorary members who are appointed by the Mayor from politics, administration, the judiciary, media, and civil society institutions. Establishing the Human Rights Advisory Council has been an important step in the history of the City of Human...
  • Land Steiermark

    The Regional ministry for Youth is the department of the Styrian Government responsible for youth work, supporting and funding youth concerning institutions and activities and aiming for the holistic support of youth’s intellectual, physical, mental and ethical development. Styria has currently about 1.2 million inhabitants, 344,000 of which are young people under the age of 26.For the Styrian Minister for Youth Elisabeth Grossmann it is an honor to welcome the World Summit Youth Award and especially its winners in Graz. Youth is not just the time between childhood and maturity. It is the...
  • LOGO jugendmanagement

    Young people are visionaries. We are too. We witness a world in which young people face new challenges every day. We also see that some of them need support in order to find their way. We want to give this support in our work. LOGO aims at substantially enriching and improving the multifaceted living environments of young people. It makes sure that they and their needs are respected and taken seriously in society. Young people have the right to go their way, to ask questions and to receive adequate answers. LOGO is a specialist department offering services for young people on behalf of the...
  • WKO Steiermark

    WKO Steiermark
     The Styria Wirtschaftskammer represents more than 400.000 member businesses. As a strong voice of the companies of the WKO Styria it stands up for a future-oriented and pro-business politics, i.e. for tax relief, reduction of bureaucracy or funding. It also provides modern services and offer fast and competent counceling reaching from labour law to tariff information. With the educational establishments - WIFI, Fachhochschulen the WKO is conducive to the regional strengthening of the economy.  
  • ORF Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

    ORF Steiermark
  • Graz, UNESCO City of Design

  • University of Graz

    The University of Graz is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Austria. With more than 30,000 students and 3,800 employees, it makes an essential contribution to the vibrant life of the Styrian capital. Diversity and a wide scope characterise the education programmes at the six faculties. Students can choose from more than 100 bachelor, master and diploma programmes.founded in 1585 7 organisational units: 6 faculties, 1 administrative unit 76 departments 30,000 students per year 4,600 beginners per year 2,800 graduates per year, including 200 doctoral degrees 100 studies
  • CIS - Creative Industries Styria

    Creative Industries Styria
    The Creative Industries Styria has 4 main credos: Creativity has potential - The economical potential of creativity has to be visualized, so the creative heads and their innovative ideas can contribute to the economy. Creativity connects - The CIS is a network association which connects acteurs of the creative scene with local companies. Find creativity - The heart of CIS is the data pool where all the creative heads of Styria can present their achievements for free. Therefore it originates a steadily growing archive of experts coming from all industries. Live creativity - creativity happens...
  • City of Graz

    City of Graz
    Weblink: http://www.graz.at/