Jury Process & Criteria

Excellence and innovation, interactivity and sustainability

Projects which completed the submission process are evaluated in two rounds by an online jury of young experts. In the first round of judging, a short-list of ten finalists per category is obtained. In the second round, two to three projects per category will be selected as the final winners of WSYA.

The evaluation is done on the basis of six criteria:
  • Content: Quality, comprehensiveness and impact of content and relevance for MDGs.
  • Design: Usability, navigation and aesthetic value of layout and graphics
  • Innovation & Creativity: Demonstration of significant originality and initiative
  • Interactivity: Level of engagement and action offered to site users
  • Sustainability: Project survival over time
  • Strategic value: Get action on reaching one of the eight MDGs
Online Jury
The jury of experts to evaluate the applications is comprised of up to 30 international experts with backgrounds such as youth activists and young entrepreneurs, journalists and media workers, researchers and teachers, and representatives of international organisations and businesses.

The jurors evaluate project entries in a rigorous two-stage process: In the first “elimination” round of judging, projects in all six categories are evaluated by three to four panels of jury members in order to obtain a short-list of ten projects per category. In the second round, two to three winners will be selected in each category. In this round, jurors have a chance to judge short-listed projects to ensure objectivity and thoroughness. Each project is evaluated by a minimum of two jurors and votes are tabulated online to ensure fairness and accuracy. Winners and runners-up will be notified after the jury closes and they will be given the opportunity to present their projects at the WSYA Winners Events, which takes place in a different country each year. 
Contest and Entry Dates
A single application process for all the categories is being overseen by the World Summit Award Head Office. Applications can be submitted using an online system which is accessible through this website.